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The ‘Rebel Dreamer’ shop par excellence.
In the 1st district of Rome, Monti, superOdra is an avant-garde dive in an envelope historic made of caves and tunnels.
Thus, the place once populated by gladiators, today it is animated by visiting young people from all over the world to explore new trends and looking for inspiration for their ultra-urban styles.

To complete the picture, sparkling collaborators who together with the owner they work constantly to satisfy customers during a real sensory experience.
Clothing and accessories ranging from street to elegant but everything
with a single must: shapes and volumes transversal to fashions, beyond time and strictly unconventional.
In fact, every outfit created always has a hint of irony. Oh yes, because SuperOdra is for those who always have fun with fashion.

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    SuperOdra Experience


    Have you ever wondered how it feels to shop as a Celebrity?

    Now with SuperOdra we offer you for free the opportunity to experience shopping as you have always dreamed of.                                                                                                            

    Patrizio or Fabiana, our Personal Stylists together with you will create your favorite looks and you can choose where to see them and try them on. SuperOdra offers you three alternatives: 

    – Patrizio or Fabiana will come directly to your home with a selection of clothes chosen especially for you, try them on without obligation and choose what to keep. 

    – Set a Videocall during which you will create the perfect look together with Patrizio or Fabiana. What you love will come directly to your home. 

    – Are you tired of staying at home but don’t want to queue outside the shop? Make a private appointment in the Store where Patrizio or Fabiana will be waiting for you with your selection ready.

    Click the button below to download the Form and email it to us.

    Hai mai immaginato come sarebbe fare shopping come una Celebrity?

    Adesso con SuperOdra ti offriamo gratuitamente l’opportunità di vivere lo shopping come avresti sempre sognato.                                              

    Patrizio e Fabiana, i nostri Personal Stylist insieme a te creeranno i tuoi look preferiti e tu potrai scegliere dove vederli e provarli. SuperOdra ti propone tre alternative: 

    – Patrizio o Fabiana verranno direttamente a casa tua con una selezione di capi scelti apposta per te, provali senza impegno e scegli cosa tenere. 

    – Fissa una Videocall durante la quale creerai il look perfetto insieme a Patrizio o Fabiana. Quello che amerai arriverà direttamente a casa tua. 

    – Sei stufo di stare a casa ma non vuoi fare la fila fuori al negozio? Fissa un appuntamento privato in Store dovre Patrizio o Fabiana ti aspetteranno con la selezione pronta per te.

    Clicca sul tasto qui sotto e scarica il Form, compilalo e rimandalo per email. 

    SUPERODRA – P.IVA 13787881005 – VIA LEONINA, 42, 00184 ROMA RM – TEL. + 39 06 4544 5683 – info@superodra.com